What is a 3d printer kit? - 3D printer kit Prusa I3

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What is a 3d printer kit? An extraordinary experience to get immersed in the 3D printing technology.

You do not only acquire a 3d printer but also, while assembling it, you discover how fascinating its mechanics results.

Let us begin with the structure of any of them. In example, the
3D printer kit Prusa I3. It is amazing how easy it is to assemble it and yet the complexity that had to design the first, so that each of the pieces that compose the specific function performed what was needed of them. Sometimes the simplest is the best solution. An aluminum frame and a smooth rods and a threaded, with nuts and washers, and small printed pieces, is what is needed to form this structure in the kit Prusa I3 3D printer.

From there, the mechanical part, consisting of bearings, pulleys, belts, connected to a small but powerful engines, they get the necessary movement range to cover the entire area. And one of the fundamental parts, the Hotend, which is what extrudes the filament, subject to the structure through various printed pieces.

So far, all relatively simple in this printer kit 3D Prusa I3 because, once assembled, we can see that moving the extruder manually from left to right though the smooth rods, up and down moving simultaneously the threaded rods and Heatbed back and forth, it spans the space Heatbed.

As we assembled this, we have learned some mechanics, observing the operation of pulleys and bearings.

Now to the electronic part of this 3D printer kit Prusa I3. Connect the wiring of motors, the Heatbed, the Hotend and Microswith. For some of these cables, we will need a small soldering tool. If you have never used any, try it, it's easier than it looks and you have learned to do one more thing. Now, if you do not have chains for the wires, it is advisable to use small flanges for carrying the wires go through the 3D printer Prusa I3, to where is located the Arduino with the Rams and Pololus. Connect the cables correctly following the instructions of the assembly tutorial. Connect now the power supply to the Rams and then to a plug. Connect the Arduino to the computer with the USB cable and you have completed the 3D printer kit Prusa I3.

If you have correctly followed the instructions, you will know what Is the pololu that moves each of the motors (one of the Pololus moves two engines simultaneously). Open the software (in our case, Cura), place the STL file of the part you want to print, and click on "print" and see how the "MAGIC" ......... occurs. Welcome to the world of 3D printing.


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