Prusa Steel 3D printer kit

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We have already seen how fascinating can be assembling (and learning how too) the Prusa I3 printer kit. Now we'll see the differences and improvements of another Prusa kit, In this case, the Prusa Steel Pro 3D printer kit.

Let's start first with the frame. It's made of 3 mm galvanized steel, which prevents corrosion, and the parts set and their joining based on 3 mm nuts and screws gives a greater strength, removing oscillations, that impacts positively in a better printing quality.

Prusa steel Frame

It can be noticed that the mechanical system is the same as in the I3 model with its bearings, pulleys, belts, motors… unless these latter, excepts the one for the X carriage (extruder), are fastened to the frame by steel parts instead of plastic parts.

Another important improvement in this Prusa Steel Pro 3D printer kit is its autonomy. The inclusion of the full graphics LCD screen display with SD card reader which removes the need of having a computer connected to the printer to make your printings. You will be able to configure directly the printing, and its parameters, from the display. Its printed cover, besides protecting and keeping clean the internal part of the LCD screen, is fastened to the frame by a printed part which can be easily disassembled.

LCD prusa

This kit also includes mounts for the power supply, which allows you to have it joined to the frame in an easy and comfortable way and with an easy access to the power wires connection.

The inclusion of chains to keep wires hidden, in addition to prevent us from complications in order to have them properly held, gives the printer a really improved aesthetic. Forget about cable ties and messed up wires everywhere.

Chains prusa steel

At last, filament coil mounts, exclusive for this Prusa Steel Pro 3D printer kit,with an easily placement and coil replacement, allows you to have control about the remaining filament amount, while they're aesthetic and functional.

Once the printer is assembled you will love its appearance and you won't wait any second to press “print” and still enjoining the magic of 3D printing.

Kit prusa steel


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