Pique, Shakira, her restaurant and a menu printed in 3D

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In the culinary activity we can also find 3D printers. Yes, it's a bit difficult to understand, but it's real, and quite workable. The pair composed by the F.C. Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué and Colombian singer Shakira own the restaurant Yours in Barcelona (Spain), which organized a food tasting service printed in 3D from the Food Ink company between December 8 -10, 2016.

A menu printed in three dimensions.

The menu for this unique occasion was composed of nine proporsals, which could be tasted at the price of 180 euros. Most of these consisted of various edible compositions drawn with pixel precision as you would expect, such as a dessert in honor of the classic Pacman video game, among other ideas like that.

Other geometric models in Food Ink's gastronomic proposal were The Flower of the Life, adorned with a marigold in the middle, and an interesting shrimp salad, where the salad first becomes a paste that the printer creates on the plate with the Shrimp shape.

Some details.

Not everything is perfect. One of the main problems that faces the impression of food in 3D is the monotomy of the textures. For the printer to reproduce foods, the ingredients must be pre-processed into a paste which is then placed in a syringe-shaped container connected to the printer as a conventional ink cartridge.

For now it is impossible to reproduce solid foods of a certain size in 3D printers. For example, the sirloin of the tasting menu was prepared in a traditional way, although not the accompanying corn puree that was printed in 3D. One of the criticisms was why a person who was willing to pay the 180 euros for this gourmet experience had to settle for eating purees or creams with plastic cutlery, but those are things to know before trying.


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