Combine scanning and 3D printing for medical solutions: South Summit Award

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The combination of scanning, design and 3D printing technologies for modeling and postmodeling health and aesthetic-sanitary elements, combining scanned files with medical images such as x-rays, resonances, among others, was the project that won the Sprout Pro by HP Framed in the prestigious South Summit event.

The brothers Natalia and Salvador Peso presented their project which they have described in three main application groups.

The first one focused on the dental sector, is based on the scanning of the mold of a denture, could be made on these 3D files the design of a denture, which can be shown to the patient previously, either on screen or Physical form through 3D printing, as a comfort test for the patient. Another possibility may be considered by taking bite molds at different stages of an orthodontic treatment. With this, the doctor can compare the results and verify that the development of orthodontics is planned, reducing planning times, as many processes are done in an automated way.

A second application that they presented as an example, was in the area of ​​surgery. They used the case of a masectomy, a case for which custom bras can be designed by adapting the bra to the surgery scars, thus avoiding the discomfort that the contact of a part of the bra with them could cause.

The third application presented was the possibility of creating customized 3D orthopedic templates for each shoe of the patient. By merging these scans and the measurements of each patient's shoe next to the orography of the patient's feet, these templates are designed to measure. Each application is a practical, non-limiting example.

The functional focus of the project is HP's Sprout Pro, HP's first immersive computing platform that breaks the barriers between digital and physical worlds, through fully integrated 3D scanning.


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