Dental protheses in 3D

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The innumerable possibilities of applications that 3D printing has will be taking more and more body and acceptance in everyday uses. One of the applications that are being accepted more is in the field of health. Within this wide field this time we will talk about the application of 3D printing technology for oral implants.

3D technology brings us excellent possibilities in the area of ​​dental prostheses, which have been incorporating the latest trends in innovative materials and technologies to streamline and reduce the patient's solution. It is the immediate future of dentistry, since 3D printing gives the millimeter precision required by a dental prosthesis. This is possible thanks to the cad-cam system (technological system that allows the design and development of dental prostheses by software) which allows the dentist to work with a wide variety of materials and products efficiently.

The patients' mouth models are printed by 3D technology immediately where the prosthesis will be manufactured. The demand for this technique of implantology is increasing. Thanks to this scanner technology, the dentist, instead of taking the prints with uncomfortable pastes, can scan the patient's mouth. Through the special software, it will be possible to automatically design the patient's ideal prosthesis, sending an order to a cutting-edge milling machine that will manufacture a highly accurate and esthetic dental prosthesis.

One of the advantages of this technology is that thanks to 3D printing the perfect dental piece can be designed, not only in terms of anatomy, but also in terms of occlusion, fit and aesthetics for the patient. Only this technology gives the possibility until recently of difficult achievement, when making corrections of tenths of millimeter in the pieces.


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